Filming Macedonia

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Filming in Macedonia offers diverse and historically timeless locations that are nearby in southeast Europe at the most competitive pricing anywhere.

Diverse Whether filming movies or commercials, corporate or educational media, the Republic of Macedonia boasts all types of natural filming landscapes. It’s forests and mountains, canyons and semi-steppes, rivers and lakes support a unique biodiversity that are habitats to a rich bird and wildlife population.

Timeless Amid prehistoric and ancient historical remnants, the country’s rural and urban locations offer ambience and architecture from Byzantium to post-communist modernism. Construction of filming sets, plus design and manufacturing of wardrobe from any period can be provided by these and other globally successful supporting sectors.

Nearby All locations are easily accessible in a compact country in southeast Europe covering under 26,000 square kilometres. A developed local transportation system dovetails with direct daily flight connections from Skopje or Ohrid to many destinations in Europe and the Middle East. Though landlocked, the country is just a few hours drive to the Adriatic, Aegean and Black seas.

Competitive Subsidised international flights and low-cost local transportation, together with low to high end levels of hotels and restaurants, help to make filming in Macedonia a very affordable proposition. The local, multi-lingual media skillsbase and an educated workforce command the most competitive wages in Europe.